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Cool info on Nine Lives.

Songs That Didn't Make It To The Album
  1. When The Sun Never Shines
  2. What Kind Of Love Are You On?
  3. Trouble
  4. Bacon Bisquit Blues

Does The Noise In My Head Bother You
Look at the outside hinge where it's written: "Aerosmith- Nine lives- Columbia". Now open up the case and look at that place from the inside. You'll see the text: "Does The Noise In My Head Bother You?"

Good Night...
At the end of "Hole In My Soul", from 5:50 to 6:10,
Steven whispers "Goodnight Taj, Goodnight Chelsea."

Computer Game
On the Nine Lives CD there also a cd-rom game for the computer. It's like "Quest For Fame" but with new songs from NL that you can play guitar or drums on with help of the keyboard, or the VPic if you have it. You can also look at the lyrics for all the songs and some other things.

Many versions of Nine Lives:
In addition to the "normal" US release there has been several slightly different versions of Nine Lives released:

The album (14 tracks) was released international a week before that in the USA and carried an extra track; the Joe Perry sung tune, "Falling Off" which appears on the album between Pink and Attitude Adjustment.

The Japanese version of the album (15 tracks) had a further additional track "Fall Together" which came after "Falling Off" (Sony Records SRCS 8263).

To mark the Japanese 1998 tour, Sony Records in Japan, released a special gatefold edition of Nine Lives which also carried the Box of Fire bonus disc and a booklet of photos and tour information (Sony Records SRCS 8610-1) 25/2/98.

In March 1999, after the massive success of "I Don't To Miss A Thing" in Europe and prior to a Summer European tour, Columbia re-issued Nine Lives with "I Don't To Miss A Thing" added at the end of the album (Columbia COL485020 3, UK).

From April 1999 in Australia, the full cd single, including all four tracks (I Don't Want To Miss A Thing album version and rock version, Taste Of India rock mix, and Animal Crackers) was packaged as a bonus disc within Aerosmith's Nine Lives album (Sony 494398, 12/4/99)

I believe there has been more versions aswell but these are the most common I would guess.

Two Versions Of The Nine Lives Cover.
The original cover was cat like figure amongst numerous cobras. The images of Hindu gods on the cover spirtually violated American Hare Krishna devotees, who tried to get the album banned. The group eventually licensed the image from the sect. In the meantime, the album cover was changed to a cat on a spinning wheel which happened in the USA in Summer 1997 (Japan in 1998 and Europe, March 1999).

Original Cover
Original Cover
New Cover
New Cover

Disc Designs
In America, a special CD pressing was made which removed the images of sex positons around the edge of the CD (so it could be marketed at outlets such as WalMart etc)

Walmart CD

Walmart CD...CK 67994

Original CD

Original CD...CK 67547

Translation To The Text In The CD Booklet:
Mietras El craneo-vuela libra nuestro heroe
 = While the brain (mind) flies our hero is freed

Camina Camina El Chichon hace eruptcion
 = Walk Walk the volcano erupts

Es mejor salir fuera de aqui
 = It's best to get out of here

Justo a tiempo
 = Just in time

!Desgracia! Vroom!
 = Disgrace! Vroom!

Some Names Nine Lives Could Have Been Called:
Does the Noise in My Head Bothor You?
Is the Noise in My Head Bothoring You?
Noisy Head
Exotic, Neurotic, You Got It
Shadow Dances
Fall Together
Hot Pursuit
Tantric Tailsman
Tantric Tiles/Tails
White Noise
Dream State
New Kinallngo
9 Lives
9 Lives-Live For Ten
Your Concubine Ain't No Friend of Mine
Foodstamp Crack
Prozac Tattoo
Crawling Insanity
Vindaloo Verbooty
Verbooty Vindaloo
Walking the Dogma
Hair of the Dogma
Beware ofthe Dogma
Love Me Love My Dogma
Another Day Another Dogma
Hard on the Knees
You Bought it You Name It
No Lip
Insult to Injury
Cult Du Jour

Some of this info was compiled by Clive D Newton. Visit his site Live For Ten!
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