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Big Ones

Album Title: Big Ones
Album Type: Compilation Album
RIAA Certified: Quadruple Platinum (09/05/1997)

Label: Geffen Records
Released: November 1994
Produced by: Bruce Fairbairn
Produced by: * Michael Beinhorn
Recorded at: [see info on each studio album]
#10: Little Mountain..., Vancouver (May '89)
#1,9: Power Station, NY (April 1994) and at Capri Digital Studios, Isle Of Capri, Italy (June '94)
#16: San Diego, CA (August 1, '93)

The Album Cover
 Tracks / Lyrics:
Written by:
 1. Walk On Water*
4:54 ST, JP, Jack Blades, Tommy Shaw
 2. Love In An Elevator
5:22 Steven Tyler & Joe Perry
 3. Rag Doll
4:24 Tyler, Perry, Vallance, Holly Knight
 4. What It Takes
5:10 S. Tyler, J. Perry, Desmond Child
 5. Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
4:23 S. Tyler, J. Perry, Desmond Child
 6. Janie's Got A Gun
5:29 Steven Tyler & Tom Hamilton
 7. Cryin'
5:07 S. Tyler, Joe Perry, Taylor Rhodes
 8. Amazing
5:55 Steven Tyler & Richie Supa
 9. Blind Man*
3:57 S. Tyler, Joe Perry, Taylor Rhodes
 10. Deuces Are Wild
3:33 Steven Tyler & Jim Vallance
 11. The Other Side
4:03 Steven Tyler & Jim Vallance
 12. Crazy
5:14 S. Tyler, Joe Perry, Desmond Child
 13. Eat The Rich
4:09 S. Tyler, Joe Perry, Jim Vallance
 14. Angel
5:04 Steven Tyler & Desmond Child
 15. Livin' On The Edge
6:20 S. Tyler, Joe Perry, Mark Hudson
 16. Dude (LLAL)-Live (International)
5:20 S. Tyler, J. Perry, Desmond Child
 Aerosmith Personnel:
 Steven Tyler : Lead Vocals, Harmonica, Keyboards, Mandolin
 Joe Perry : Guitars, Dulcimer, Background Vocals
 Brad Whitford : Guitars
 Tom Hamilton : Electric Bass
 Joey Kramer : Drums, Percussion
 Additional Musicians:
 Jim Vallance : Organ on "Rag Doll" and all instruments on "Deuces Are Wild,"
: except the guitar solo in the middle (not credited)
 Drew Arnott : Mellotron on "Angel"
 Margerita Horns : Horns on "Dude (Looks Like A Lady)" and "Rag Doll"
 John Webster : Keyboards
 Richie Supa : Keyboards on "Amazing"
 Don Henley : Background Vocals on "Amazing"
 Desmond Child : Keyboards on "Crazy"
 Thom Gimbel : Live Sax, Keyboards and Background Vocals
 The Margarita Horns:
 Tom Keenlyside : Tenor Sax and Clarinet
 Bob Rogers : Trombone
 Ian Putz : Baritone Sax
 Paul Baron : Trumpet
 Henry Christian : Trumpet
 Bruce Fairbairn : Trumpet
 Background Vocals on "Love In An Elevator":
 Tom Hamilton, Joe Perry, Bob Dowd, Bruce Fairbairn
 Polynesian Log Drums on "Eat The Rich" by:
 Mapuhi T. Tekurio, Melvin Liufau, Wesey Mamea, Liainaiala Tagola,
 Sandy Kanaeholo, Aladd Alatina Teofilo, Jr. Arranged by Steven Tyler
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