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Format: 2 CD, 22 tracks,

Bootleg Cover Disc 1:
Beyond Beautiful
Love in an Elavator
Just Push Play
Big 10 Inch
Fly Away From Here
Mama Kin
Same Old Song and Dance
Dream On
Toys in the Attic

Disc 2:
Angel's Eye
Draw the Line
Under My Skin
Seasons of Wither
I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
Walk This Way
Uncle Salty/Sweet Emotion
Livin' On the Edge
What it Takes
Train Kept a Rollin'

Recorded at:
Polaris Amphitheatre, Columbus, OH on July 11th, 2001

The vocals are very strong but the guitars and the bass are very hard to hear.

The front cover has the picture from inside the Just Push Play booklet, except with a white background. There are four Aerosmith logos, one in each corner. In the middle along the top it says "Aerosmith When Push Comes to Shove" and on the bottone it says "Live at Polais Amphitheater, Columbus, 11th July 2001". On the reverse of the front cover it has half of a picture of Steven sucking a candy cane with the track list going down the side of his face. The inside of the front cover is littered with pictures from the concert with a black Aerosmith logo in the background. Both CD's have the same picture on them. Steven leaning next to Joe. The back cover has a picture of Joe Cut in half with the track list along side him. The back cover facing inside has a picture of Joe from the "Pink" music video. I'm not sure what the label of the CD is because there is not one listed on the case anywhere.

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