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Format: 2CD, 23 tracks,
            Disc 1. 56 min 56 sec / Disc 2. 57 min 58 sec.
Label: A9008/A8911, 1990

Bootleg Cover Disc 1:
1. Rats In The Cellar
2. Same Old Song And Dance
3. Monkey On My Back
4. Don't Get Mad, Get Even
5. Permanent Vacation
6. Mama Kin
7. Hangman Jury
8. Dream On
9. Love In An Elevator
10. Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
11. Walk This Way

Disc 2:
1. Young Lust
2. F.I.N.E.
3. Monkey On My Back
4. Janie's Got A Gun
5. Rag Doll
6. Voodoo Medicine Man
7. Love In An Elevator
8. Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
9. Toys In The Attic
10. Dream On
11. Train Kept A Rollin'
12. Walk This Way

Recorded at:
Disc 1: Hammersmith Odeon, London, on November 15th, 1989;
Disc 2: Monsters of Rock Festival, Castle Donnington, England, August 18, 1990.

Excellent stereo from Radio 1 FM Broadcasts. The Hammersmith concert was their second concerts in the UK for over 12 years since Reading 1977. This is thought to be an unedited version of the broadcast which has been chopped and edited on other similar releases (i.e. Up Close, Europe 1990). On the Donnington 1990 concert, Jimmy Page guested the band on Train and Walk This Way. This Donnington Bootleg has Sweet Emotion omitted (see Train Kept A Rolling). Short set as Aerosmith was co-headliners on the day with Whitesnake being last on.

There are various different track-listings on the internet for this title, but nearly all of them list "Big Ten Inch Record" as Track Three. This is NOT the case - it does indeed appear on the track-listing, but as Track Two which is, in fact, Same Old Song And Dance. Thus, Disc One is a standard 11-track reproduction of the BBC Radio One broadcast that was aired in early 1990, and Big Ten Inch does not appear at all.

Same Old Song And Dance is omitted from the tracklisting so all the tracks are shuffled up so B10 is track 2. But in reality track 2 is SOSAD and B10 is omitted. In a nutshell, SOSAD is listed as B10. Some websites simply reproduce this error, and some claim that both SOSAD and B10 appear (ie, they claim it is a 12-track disc). Other releases (such as "Up Close") have exactly the same tracks, albeit in the wrong order.

I think none of the produced boots of the FM broadcast have B10 on them although B10 was the 3rd track played at the real concert. Radio 1 used to have a "In Concert" series and they used to edit concerts down generally to fit a 1 hour format. At least it's not an advert station so it was 1 hour of music without the ads.

I think also there maybe different variants of this one out there. Sometimes Bootleggers get busted and find equivalent sources for a master tape when they get back in business again.

Also, some reviews of "UK" have the entire Donington 1990 set on Disc Two. That is not the case - Sweet Emotion was cut, presumably because of a lack of space. Not sure whey they cut Sweet Emotion as the concert was only about 65 mins in total length. Maybe there was something wrong with their master or they also put it out on vinyl and limited to it to under 60 mins.

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