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Lots of cool Aerosmith info

Album covers
Almost named...
Songs info
Other fun facts

Album Covers

  • Permanent Vacation Cover
    -The originaly realeased Permanent Vacation cassette had the yellow wings logo and album title printed right on the plastic case.

  • Toys in the attic Cover
    According to Steven, the original cover art for "Toys In The Attic" depicted the toys standing around looking at a teddy bear sitting in the middle with his wrist slit and stuffing all over the floor.

  • Live Bootleg cover
    The promo version of the "Live Bootleg" cover was printed sideways (In order to see it correctly, you have to turn it so the record slot is on top). There are also differences in the graphics used, including the logo. The promo version features the "Get Your Wings" logo, while later versions feature the newer logo.

  • Done With Mirrors cover
    The orginal LP cover had all the text "mirrored." Actually, there were two different versions of the original LP cover, one with mirrored front cover (without the logo that appeared on latter CD re-releases) and one with the same front cover, but with the back cover mirrored aswell.

  • Draw The Line cover
    - Tom Hamilton bought the original artwork and still has it today!

  • Night in the ruts cover
    The album cover for Night In The Ruts was originally intended for the single cover of "Chip Away The Stone".

  • Night in the ruts cover
    According to walk this way (the book), Steven wanted the cover for night in the ruts to be a picture of a giant pile of peanuts, with a leg sticking out of them

  • Draw the line cover
    At the very bottom of the art between Brad and Tom. In a part of Brad's hair its written "NINA" (The Name of the daughter to the guy who made the pic) but it just looks like a bunch of scratches unless you really strain your eyes to see the NINA...

    Get out your magnifying glass (unless you have the bigger picture on the record sleeve)'s where they are:

    1) At the very bottom of Steven's hair on the left side. Put your finger on Brad's bottom lip and move it to the left, and when you hit Steven's hair, that's where it is. You need to turn the picture sideways to be able to read it though. Turn it so Steven's head is on the left side, and Brad's is on the right.

    2) From the first Nina in Steven's hair (while still holding the picture sideways), move to the right to the end of Brad's hair. Go down just a little bit, and there it is...this one's harder to see cuz it's written lighter.

    3) The last one is REALLY tiny. Look at the side of Tom's head that's opposite the artist's signature. This Nina is in the first curl of Brad's hair that crosses Tom's. Tilt the picture about 45 degrees clockwise and you'll see it.

    Al Hirschfeld started hiding Nina's name in his work early in his career soon after she was born. His friends suggested he let viewers know how many Ninas were in each work. So in his later works, including Aerosmith, he has a number next to his name denoting how many Ninas are in that drawing.

Almost Named...

  • Almost named The Band
    - Spike Jones, Jack Daniels, Boonsfarm, Stit-Jane.

    - Tyler had suggested the calling the band the Hookers, "
    'cause playing to clubs is like prostitution anyway."

  • Almost named "Pump"
    - Steven wanted to name it "Bobbing for Piranhas"
    - "Elevator"
    - "Fine"
    - "Here's Looking up your old adress"
    - "Monkey House"

  • Almost named "Get Your Wings"
    - "Night in the Ruts"
    - "Bobbing for Piranna" (SPELLING??)

  • Almost named "Toys in the Attic"
    - "Love at First Bite"
    - "Rocks"

  • Almost named "Night In The Ruts"
    The Album "Night In The Ruts" Was Supposed To Be Called "Off Your Rocker."

  • Almost named "Get a Grip"
    Steven joked about naming the album "Pitbulls On Crack",
    and then Joe said "Get A Grip" and that's where they came up with GAG


  • Amazing video
    If you watch the video "Amazing" closely, you will notice that in the beginning of the video, Alicia isn't very nice to the guy. But with a click on Attitude Adjustment, that is solved!!

    Aerosmith's video Amazing was the 17th most expensive video in the world 1998, costing over 900.000 dollars.

  • Cryin video
    In the video for "Cryin," the church where it was filmed is also the place where the infamous Lizzy Borden was worshipped. Creepy.

    The scene where Alicia Silverstone jumps from a bridge in the video Cryin', cost over $10.000 to make, just for a few seconds of film.

  • Falling in love video
    The video for Falling in Love (is Hard on the Knees) takes place inside an abandoned newspaper manufacturing building.

  • I Don't Want To Miss A Thing video
    The clothing for the video IDWTMAT is the most expensive in the world. The symphony orchestra in the video had space suites on them. Each suite costed $2.500.


  • Push Comes To Shove
    According to Kramer himself, the only Aerosmith song he ever did NOT play drums on was "Push Comes To Shove" from RIAHP...! Steven played them...!

  • Once Is Enough
    In an article/ band interview from the Detroit Free Press written in 1987 Joe Perry mentions that "Once Is Enough" was also recorded as a duet with Willie Nelson.

  • I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
    Information about IDWTMAT from MTV:
    Aerosmith used a 52-piece string orchestra in this song!

    Aerosmith had to act like a rocket were launched right behind them in the video, because the rocket launching were postponed on later.

  • Back in the saddle
    The woman mentioned in the song Back in the Saddle, Sukie Jones, was a groupie that followed Aerosmith along with other bands in the 1970's.

  • Heart's Done Time
    -The killer whales Hyak and Fina "sing" on "Heart's Done Time."

  • Nobody's Fault
    -It's about Earthquakes

  • Hole in my soul
    "Hole In My Soul" first originated during the Pump sessions. Steven says he has been hitting on it since then, and never thought it would be good enough to record. But, it was juiced up a bit, and made the Nine Lives album.

  • Blind man
    - The sound at the beginning of "Blind Man" is Steven opening a switchblade in front of a microphone.

  • Magic touch
    - "Magic Touch" originally contained the phrase "Right key, wrong key hole."

  • Fallen Angels
    Steven used 150 year old cymbals in "Fallen Angels." They can be heard in the beginning and the end of the song. While recording in NY, Steven went to a music store he used to shop in during the 60's, and purchased this instrument.

  • Pink - Kink
    The original title to Pink was "Kink." Richie Supa thought this idea up, and brought it to Steven. Tyler didn't think he could sing that, so he changed it into Pink.

  • Livin' On the Edge
    - "inspired" by the L.A. riots and the Rodney King beating.

  • Attitude Adjustment
    - starts off with the song itself rewinding.

  • Love at first bite
    The songs Adam's Apple and Dude Looks Like A Lady both contain the lyric "Love At First Bite"

  • Pink - Mia
    In the song "Pink", the "oooh" after the line "On the lips of your lover" was performed by none other than Mia, Steven's 2nd of 3 daughters.

  • Let the Music Do the Talking
    - the only song to appear on both a Geffen album and a Columbia album.

    - Hasn't got the same Lyrics as the original song by the Joe Perry Project

    - If you listen good to the solo, you can hear the intro of Draw The Line

  • Walk This Way (1986)
    - Was originally going to be done by only Run DMC, but their producer Rick Rubin wanted Aerosmith in it.

  • The song "Nine Lives"
    was inspired by a visit to an AC/DC concert.

  • Major Barbara
    was recorded around Get your wings, but it was only considered to be put on an album around the Rocks sessions.

  • Lightning Strikes
    - the only song in Aerosmith history that credits Brad Whitford playing solo but NOT Joe Perry.

  • Live bootleg - Toys in the attic
    On "Live Bootleg" album, the live version of "Toys in the Attic" (about 2:33) someone says something like "fuck off" or "suck off" something like that.

  • Walkin' the Dog
    - performed by the Rolling Stones on their first album too. (Also, Steven played a wooden flute on this song)

  • Mia
    - about Steven's daughter Mia

  • Movin' Out
    - drew its inspiration from an eviction notice received at the band's old Commonwealth Ave. appartment.

  • Dream On
    In "Dream On" there is a "mistake" at the end. At the very end when the last two notes go up and down, if you listen closely, one of the times that it goes up, the distortion goes out and comes back in suddenly in the middle of the next note.

    The mistake may not be heard very well unless you are on a portable cd player with the volume all the way up... Immediately after Steven Tyler sings the last line of lyrics, "The good lord will take you away", the main guitar part alternates two chords continuously which are B flat minor and C. At about the end of 4:15 or the beginning of 4:16 and 25 chords after the last lyric, the backup guitar joins the main in the same chords but with a different distortion sound or some effects pedal being used. In the middle of 4:18 and the 33rd chord after the last lyric, the backup guitar cuts off and cuts back in to the song exactly at 4:19. There is nothing rhythmic about this action made by the guitar so it is definitely a mistake. I'm about certain that you won't hear it unless you have a portable CD player with the volume at full and even then it's pretty hard so give it a chance. - Alex Kramer

  • Walk This Way
    - Joe Perry wrote the classic riff to Walk This Way. when he wrote it, he finished the intro riff and the verse riff in 5 minutes.

  • Uncle Salty
    - Tom played rhythum guitar on this song.

  • Sick as a Dog
    - Tom wrote in on guitar and played guitar with Brad, Joe played bass for first part of song. Last part of song, Joe joins Tom and Brad and Steven plays bass!

  • Chain reaction
    You See Me Crying and Woman of the World- old Chain Reaction (Stevens old band) songs.

  • Home Tonight
    - Steven plays piano and is backed by a 101 piece orchestra

  • Don't get mad get even
    Joe listened to Rag Doll backwards and came up with Don't Get Mad, Get Even

  • Flesh
    If you listen closely at the beginning of "Flesh" you can hear Steven's bracelets hitting the sides of the ceramic drum he was playing.

  • Amazing
    On Amazing, at about 00:18, right after Steven says, "and let the wrong ones in" there's some strange noise, most likely a bass note

  • Get a Grip
    If you listen trough one speaker between 2.20 - 2.40 on Get A Grip you can hear this:

    "Breaker, breaker come in four oh niner we have you on approach. Do you read me, over? Four oh niner we have you on approach. Four oh niner do you read me!! You're losing altitude four oh niner. Four oh niner Mayday Mayday Mayday Mayday!!!!!"

Other fun Facts

  • Abbreviations
    Have you ever stayed awake all night wondering what the text on their t-shirts or what their song titles really mean...? If so, this should perhaps make it easier for you to sleep...

    S.O.M.F. = Debate - Some Other Mother Fucker, Sit On My Face
    F.I.N.E. = Fucked up, Insecure, Neurotic, Emotional
    S.O.S. = Same Ol' Shit
    F.U.B.A.R. = Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition
    E.M.H.O. = Early Morning Hard On
    B.A.A.I.V. = Bassists Against Absence in Video
      Tom wears a t-shirt with that text in the Rock the Vote video

  • Writing songs with David Lee Roth?
    In an 1986 Cream Magazine Joe and Steven are interviewed and they mention (at the time of the interview) that they are currently writing songs with David Lee Roth. The article didn't mention any song titles though.

  • GAG Guitars
    During the "Get a grip" tour, Aerosmith broke 96450 guitar strings. Aerosmith brought 59 guitars on tour.

  • Stolen Drum
    When kicked out of highschool Steven stole the school bands bass drum which to this day he still has. It can be heard at the end of Living On The Edge!

  • Toxic Twins T-shirt
    Joe gave his Toxic Twins tee to Slash of Guns n' Roses (since he was more "toxic" than him?)

    Slash with a Toxic Twins t-shirt

  • Who named Pump?
    - Brad ... looking at the Aerosmith wings logo it reminded him of the Old Flying A gas Station, gas station, Pump...gas pumps? ...

  • Sweet Emotion
    If you listen to Sweet emotion backwards you can hear "Fuck You Frank." Frank is Frank Connelly and he pissed off the guys and Steven did the F U Frank.

  • Rubber fingers
    Tom Hamilton gives out rubber finger's instead of pics since he uses his fingers when he plays
    it's made out of latex. Painted flesh tone and it has his ring on it. The ring says.."Tom Hamilton Gave Me The Finger" And it has his autograph on the side of the finger. It's hollow you can wear it and freak people out!

    In the March issue of Metal Edge '99 Tom is quoted as saying:
    "People are always asking me for a pick, I play with my fingers.
    So I'm having these fingers made that say 'Tom Hamilton gave me the finger,'"

  • Bon Jovi cover?
    In a book about Bon Jovi and on a page about their third album 'Slippery When Wet' you can read this: " ...and nobody less than Aerosmith wanted to cover the fourth song 'Social Disease'". but Bon Jovi didn't like the idea so they never did it.

  • What you can go trough for Aerosmith
    To win two tickets to an Aerosmith performance and $92.30 from KSJO radio, Mark Charland stood on a San Jose (California) corner clad in women's underwear. Charland collected $100 in tips from passing cars as his freind Steve Lieberman held a sign explaining his purpose.

  • Carrots
    Aerosmith brought more than a ton of carrots along on the group's Pump tour.

  • Selling alot of records
    They've sold over 90 million records in the whole world and about 50 million in the US.

  • Walk of fame
    Aerosmith is the first group to be embeded in the new Walk of Fame.

  • Online
    Although Michael Jackson was hyped for doing the first cyber chat, Aerosmith had done all three major online services way before Michael did.

  • Walden Woods Project
    Aerosmith performed along with Elton John, Sting, Melissa Etheridge and Don Henley to benefit the Walden Woods Project.

  • Modern logo
    Ray Tabano, the guitarist that was later replaced by Brad Whitford, designed the wings logo

  • Roosevelt High School
    Joey, Steven, and Ray Tabano (AND Howard Stern - American radio personality) went to Roosevelt High School together

  • Sommerville Police department
    Wondering why Aerosmith thanked the Sommerville Police department in the liner notes to Permanent Vacation? It's because the police let Aerosmith use their jail cell in one of the pictures from the album!!

  • Selling fast
    Not counting Nine Lives, the Columbia album that sold 1 million records the fastest was Draw the Line. The band was riding the success of Rocks and the re-release of Dream On.

  • Tripl3FastActionar
    The group Tripl3FastAction has a song called "Aerosmith."

  • Aeroforce 1
    The boys fly in Ferdinand Marcos's former jet. It was called Cessna Citation 2, the guys rechristened it Aeroforce 1.

  • Reunite
    Who orginally suggested that Tyler and Perry reunite? Rick DuFay.

  • GN'R
    Guns 'n' Roses opened for them during the Permanent Vacation tour. they also say their early musical influences being The Rolling Stones and Aerosmith.

    SLASH's fav. song is Nobody's Fault by Aerosmith and his first favorite band was Aerosmith!!!

  • Free "Greatest hits"
    On the Back in the Saddle Tour, Steven collapsed and couldn't finish the show. Tim Collins, their manager, sent out free copies of Greatest Hits to everyone in the audience.

  • 1325 Commonwealth Ave
    When the guys shared an apartment at 1325 Commonwealth Ave, space was tight. Tom's room doubled as a living room, Steven and Joe shared a small room and slept on bunk beds. Steven and Joe usually fixed dinner - brown rice and vegetables.

  • F.I.N.E Trucks
    If you look closely on the Pump cover, the song title F.I.N.E. appears on both trucks!

  • Naming Get a grip
    There were 3 people who named Get A Grip. First, Liv and Mia Tyler. They were always telling their dad to "Get A Grip". Next, Joe Perry. Steven joked about naming the album "Pitbulls On Crack", and Joe said "Get A Grip"! So, there was alot of gripping going on!

  • Led Zeppelin
    The song that Brad Whitford said "Was the first song that showed the way we were influenced by Led Zeppelin shows" is "Round and Round."

  • First 5 on gag
    The first 5 songs that were recorded for Get A Grip were Fever, Eat the Rich, Crazy, Get a Grip, and Amazing.

  • # of shows on Gag tour
    The total # of shows played during the Get A Grip tour including the MaKin opening was 224!!

  • Handsprings
    - Steven did 652 handsprings during the "Pump" tour.

  • Promotion
    - According to Kerrang!, Aerosmith promoted their first major UK tour by persuading two boxers to put the wings logo on their shorts during a fight shown live on ITV by "World of Sport."

  • Goodnight....
    - At the end of "Hole In My Soul" Steven whispers "Goodnight Taj, Goodnight Chelsea."

  • Sounds on their Selftitled debut album
    - If you listen to the first album, esp. Movin' Out, with Headphones you can hear Joe playing in one ear and Steven clearing his throat to get ready to sing in the other.... also in the beginning of different songs you can hear the odd tap of a drumstick, or a little note of guitar....

As alot of other stuff on this site, some of this was taken from
Nicole's Aerosmith Tribute Page. That site is no longer online

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