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Other Band Members

ex-Aerosmith members
 Ray Tabano
 Jimmy Crespo
 Rick Dufay
Sort of...
 David "Pudge" Scott
"6th members" (some of the people who has played live and/or recorded with Aerosmith)
 Russ Irwin
 Thom Gimble
 Rich Supa
 David Woodford
 Scott Cushnie
 Mark Radice


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  Name: Raymond Tabano
  AKA: Crazy Raymond
  Birthday: December 23rd, 1943
  Place of Birth: Bronx, New York City
  Instruments: Guitars
  Time in Aerosmith: 1970 - 1972

  • He was the bands first rythm guitarist but he
    left the band because internal problems.
  • He was replaced by Brad Whitford
  • He was never involved in any Aerosmith album
  • He returned to the fold in 1973 as Marketing/Director of Merchandise
  • He designed the modern Aerosmith logo
  • He has an own band, Crazy Raymond And The Watchdogs
  • He played in William Proud with Steven Tyler
  • Both Tabano and Brad played in Justin Tyme before Aerosmith
  • He is still a close friend to Steven Tyler
  • He was also marketing director of Ted Nugent.


Joe Perry | Joey Kramer | Ray Tabano | Tom Hamilton | Steven Tyler

The Original Aerosmith Lineup: (from l-r) Joe Perry, Joey Kramer, Ray Tabano, Tom Hamilton, Steven Tyler


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  Name: James Crespo
  Birthday: July 5th, 1955
  Place of Birth: Brooklyn, NY City
  Instruments: Guitars
  Time In Aerosmith: 1979 - 1983

  • He replaced Joe Perry as Aerosmith's lead guitarist when Joe left the band for his "The Joe Perry Project"
  • He left the band when Joe Perry decided to reunite with Steven and return to the band again to record Done With Mirrors.
  • After joining Aerosmith, Jimmy only needed 2 weeks to learn the set before going on the road with the band
  • He plays guitar on the Aerosmith albums: Night in the Ruts, Rock in a Hard Place and Classics Live I
  • He currently plays in a band called Phoenix at the NewYork NewYork Casino in Las Vegas. You can check out his website or contact him at
  • For more info, visit Riff & Roll - The Jimmy Crespo Page


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  Name: Richard Marc Dufay
  Birthday: February 19th, 1952
  Place of Birth: Paris, France
  Instruments: Guitars
  Time in Aerosmith: 1981-1983

  • Dufay replaced Brad Whitford as Aerosmith's rhythm guitarist
    when Brad left the band to to record Whithford/St. Holmes
  • He Played guitar on the album "Rock in a hard place"
  • He was replaced when Brad returned before Done with Mirrors
  • Rick Dufay suggested that Tyler and Perry should reunite
  • He released a solo album titled "Tender Loving Abuse" in 1980
  • He recorded three albums with the blues/rock band Blue By Nature
  • Written In Stone, an album of his recorded in the late 80's, is available at
  • He is currently putting together some new material with a new band and is playing some local club dates very soon


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  Name: David Scott
  AKA: Pudge
  Birthday: November 9th, 1954
  Place of Birth: Newton, MA
  Instruments: Drums
  Time in Aerosmith: 1970

  • One could argue if David Scott really should be featured here, as the band hadn't yet taken the name "Aerosmith" (which Joey Kramer came up with, and gave the band when he joined, after Pudge's departure) when he played together with Tyler, Perry, Hamilton and Tabano. It's up to you if you want to give him credit as the original Aerosmith drummer or not...

  • He was the band's first drummer, but left the band as he was younger and had to finish high school.
  • He played with them in 1970 when they first moved to Boston and practiced at Boston University.
  • While Scott was in the band, they played cover songs like Train Kept A Rollin and Mother Popcorn, and were starting to work on originals that at that time were just jams, i.e. One Way Street and others from the first album
  • He was replaced by Joey Kramer
  • He was never involved in any Aerosmith album
  • He played in Plastic Glass, Pipe Dream and The Jam Band with Tom Hamilton and Joe Perry from 1965-1970
  • He is still a close friend to Tom Hamilton, Joe Perry and Steven Tyler
  • He is featured on a CD (2002) called Legends In The Making with his son, singer/songwriter/guitarist, Drew Scott. This is an independant CD. It has been sent out to various labels and Aerosmith is listening to it...

    Legends In The Making

  ALSO READ: Q & A with David "Pudge" Scott By Mark Blair

  ALSO READ: about The Jam Band on Perry or Hamilton's page in the section

"6th members" in Aerosmith

 Russ Irwin
  • He is from New York City
  • He played keyboards and sang backup vocals on the Nine Lives Tour 1997-99
  • He used to have a solo deal with EMI and released a self titled album in 1991 (Rock/Pop)
  • He used to play for a band called 'Mayfield' with Tears for Fears Curt Smith
  • He's also (As Steven always says at the end of concerts) from 'the Whats Up Show' which is a comedy and rock show that is aired on Manhattan Cable TV.
  • He has played with Eddie Van Halen
  • He was also asked to play for Van Halen but had to decline due to Aerosmith commitements (I think)

 Russ Irwin Photos

Solo album cover

 Mayfield links

 Thom Gimble
  • He toured with them and played saxophone and keyboard.
  • Plays on Big ones
  • You can see and hear him playing sax on MTV Unplugged

 Rich Supa
  • Was the "sixth member" in the early 80's
  • Has co-written some of their songs

 David Woodford
  • He played with Aerosmith on the road in the early 1970's
  • He plays sax on Mother Popcorn on Live! Bootleg
  • He played Saxophone on 'Walking The Dog' at the Hollywood Bowl Concert on May 7th 1999.
    This was the first time he had been on stage with the guys since 1974. He hadn't seen Joe, Tom and Joey for 25 years, and it took Tom and Joey a minute to recognize him.
  • At Woodstock '94 he was playing with THE BAND, and ran into Steven and Brad in the Artist compound before they went onstage.
  • His nickname is "Woody"
  • He is mixed Swedish, Welch and British
  • He is currently working with Bruce Willis, Joe Walsh and a jazz group called Avenue Blue on Atlantic records.
  • He is the guy who played The Heat Is On from Beverly Hills Cop and recorded 5 albums with Rod Stewart.
  • He has been to this site and E-mailed me!! : )
  • He has told me that he will e-mail me a bio and some pics in a couple of days, but that was months - or, well, years - ago so I doubt he will... hehe

 Scott Cushnie
  • Another one they used in the 70's
  • Is originally from Canada
  • Is called Professor Piano
  • He Played Piano On The following Songs
    • "Big Ten Inch Record"
    • "No More No More"
    • "I Wanna Know Why"
    • "Critical Mass"
      and maybe some other?
  • Formed 'The Canadian Aces' and released an album in 1980.
  • In the '90's he has released two albums "Two Pianos: No Waiting" and "Two Pianos: No Waiting Volume II."
    Two Pianos: No Waiting Two Pianos: No Waiting Volume II

    Want More? Use the following link!
    - More info on Scott Cushnie

 Mark Radice
  • Born November 23rd 1957 in Newark, NJ
  • Toured with Aerosmith in the '70's.
  • Is featured on Keyboards and Backing Vocals on "Live Bootleg"
  • Artist description from "Professional songwriter. Over 90 "covers" of originals over last 20 years"
  • Toured with: Donovan, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, Matt "Guitar" Murphy
  • Appears on albums by: Aerosmith, Michael Bolton, Cheap Trick and Barbra Streisand, among others
  • Songwriting credits on albums by: Cheap Trick, Dion, Dave Edmunds, Barry Manilow, Jennifer Rush, Barbra Streisand and more
  • Musical influences: "Everything. Except for Yoko Ono."
  • Seems to have released two solo albums in the mid-late '70's, "Ain't Nothin' But a Party" (1976) and "Intense" (1977)
  • Mark Radice has several songs up for download at!
  • Mark's also has a page at
  • To contact Mark write to

    - Father (Gene Radice) was a well known recording engineer. Worked with artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Lovin'Spoonful, Janis Ian, the Four Seasons, Cowsills, Mamas and Papas, The Tokens and Vanilla Fudge. Too many to list.

    - Mark's uncle (younger brother of his father) Bill Radice was also a well known recording engineer, recording 34 gold singles, 18 platinum albums, 9 movies and engineered many tv variety shows in the 70's. He was also nominated for a grammy, although did not win.

    - 1964- Mark was signed to RCA Records and released the singles: "Wooden Girl", "Richest Man In The World", and "Natural Morning", (which was later covered by singer Frankie Valli)

    - 1967- Signed to Decca Records and released "Three Cheers For The Sadman", and "10,000 Year Old Blues" (which featured 20 year old Steven Tyler (then Tallerico)....

    - 1970- Paramont Records released the first full length Mark Radice LP. Which featured the song "Hey My Love" which was later covered by Dion.

    - 1973- Mark was asked to back Donovan on his "7 Tease" tour. Mark handled keyboards, backing vocals, and guitars, and produced some of the record.

    - 1976- United Artists released "Ain't Nothin' But A Party" which featured Brass Construction and included the hit single "If You Can't Beat 'Em Join 'Em".

    - 1977- The second United Artists release by Mark Radice titiled "Intense".

    - 1978- Mark joined Aerosmith on keyboards and backing vocals during their "Draw the Line" Tour. Mark plays keyboards and backing vocals on Aerosmith's "Live Bootleg" album.

    - 1982 - Mark was signed as a writer for EMI Publishing for the following 9 years. During that time Mark collaborated with artists such as Michael Bolton, Eddie Money, Dave Edmunds, Barbara Streisand, Barry Manilow, Johnny Mathis, Helix, Cheap Trick, Aldo Nova, Deodato, Phyliss Hyman, Gene Simmons, Shark Island and The Muppets. 112 songs were "covered".

    - 1985- After touring with Cheap Trick, Mark was introduced to Jim Henson and collaborated on many songs for Jim Henson's The Muppets.

    - 1987- Barbara Streisand covered Mark's "Some Good Things Never Last" on her "Til I Loved You" record.

    - 1988- Barry Manilow covered Mark's "Some Good Things Never Last" and is featured on his "Live On Broadway" realease.

    - 2001- Mark collaborated with the California based pop/rock group, Vesica Pisces. This album features Mark's song "Single" and producer Jack Douglas and Engineer Jay Messina (Aerosmith, John Lennon, Kiss,etc)

    - 2004- Mark is currently co-writing with Micheal Cavanaugh (lead in Billy Joel's Grammy Award winning musical "Movin' Out)

More pictures or info on these guys is appreciated!
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