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 FULL NAME: Brad Earnest Whitford
   MR. Whitford!
   Bad Brad

 BIRTHDAY: February 23, 1952
 PLACE OF BIRTH: Winchester, MA
   Teapot Dome
   Earth Incorporated
   Cymbals Of Resistance
   Justin Tyme
   Whitford / St. Holmes

 FAMILY: Click for Brad Whitford's Family Tree
 HEIGHT: 5'7
 HAIR COLOR: Light brown/Blonde
 PLACE: Hawaii
 FOOD: Japenese
 CAR: Porshe Turbo
 TV SHOW: The Larry Sanders Show
 MOVIE: Godfellas
 BOOK: American Tabloid by James Ellory
 POSSESION: 1959 Les Paul
 SPORT: Auto Racin
 Second best album of 1993: Keith Richards "Main Offender"
 Favorite album of 1994: The self titled Brother Cane album.
 Top albums of 1997:
   Foo Fighters - The Color and the Shape
   Johnny Lang -Lie to Me
   Oasis - Be Here Now
   Reef - Glow
   Beck - Odelay
 Likes (has seen in concert): White Zombie
 Most awesome concert he's ever missed: U2
 Most embarrassing album in his collection: "Aersomith Classics Live"
 Favorite song to play during the Get a Grip Tour: "Stop Messin'"
 Song he wants played at his funeral: "New York, New York"
 Some bands he likes: Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Beatles

    Various Brad Whitford Facts

  • Was the last member to join

  • If he couldn't live in Mass., would live in Maui

  • Favorite Venue to play -Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA

  • Favorite Simpsons character: Homer

  • Weirdest place he's ever been naked: "Between my mother's legs"

  • Best sight in Boston: Bunker Hill

  • Did you ever collect anything? "Yes"

  • His speciality in the kitchen: "I make great tea"

  • Worst airplane experience: "When we rented our first private plane and the engine caught fire."

  • What's always in his refrigerator: "There's never enough room in my refrigerator"

  • Last thing he does before he goes on stage: Pees with Joey

  • Weirdest thing ever found in a meal: His car keys

  • Favorite Flavor: Blue

  • Studied the trumpet before moving on to the guitar.

  • Produced 'The Neighborhoods' album. He joined them for Adam's Apple and Walkin the Dog. The album is called Hoodwinked and came out in 1990.

  • Favorite designer: Richard Tyler

  • Favorite smell: The race track. . .burnt ethanol.

  • If he could be a fictional character, he'd be Jack Ryan.

  • Places that he didn't see on the GAG tour but would like to play on the next tour: Singapore, Hong Kong and Vietnam

  • What he'd be doing if he weren't in Aerosmith: Either involved in film, working on special effects, or a race car driver.
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